How it Works

Scheduled Paper Shredding Services

The process of scheduled paper shredding services starts with a meeting from a representative in your area.  This representative will asses your paper usage and current needs to develop a customized program for your business.  Your program will include the frequency of shredding, size of shredding consoles or bins and the location of the consoles/bins.

The following list will help you understand how the easy process of scheduled shredding works:

    1. We install one or more secure and locked L.E.E.D certified consoles in your office.
    2. Your team will dispose of their used paper and sensitive information in the slot located in the console.
    3. At a scheduled time, one of our S.T.A.R’s will visit your office in our mobile shredding truck.
    4. They will collect or shred your documents with our high-speed shredder on site.
    5. Our S.T.A.R’s will scan each console and provide your with a detailed receipt of what has been collected.
    6. You will then be issued an electronic Certificate of Destruction  that guarantees the documents have been destroyed in compliance with NAID AAA standards.
    7. Once shredded, your paper is compacted in the rear of the truck box body.
    8. Our truck is then driven and unloaded at a designated recycling facility, keeping our commitment to your security and to the environment.


  • “I would like to thank both your sales and service team for their unparalleled service that you have provided us. I have been impressed with every aspect of your business thus far, but what has most impressed us has been the punctuality of the service.” – Calgary Shredding Customer

  • “Your professional approach from the initial consultation process to the service by your rep has been professional at every turn.” – Vancouver Shredding Customer

  • “We switched from another shredding services provider due to the fact that Best Shredding provided lockable destruction bins and on-site shredding at competitive rates. Using Best Shredding for our secure shredding requirements was a no brainer.” – Vancouver Island Shredding Customer

  • “For years we have used another large company in the market and thought we were getting the best of what was out there.  After making the switch, we were amazing at what we had been missing.” – Vancouver Customer

  • “We has used a standard office shredding for years prior to beginning service with you and the service has definitely increased efficiency in our office and freed up several employees time that used to have to shred the documentation themselves.” – Vancouver Shredding Customer

  • “The service provided is not just convenient, but has increased the efficiency in our office and provides us with confidence that our documents are more secure and thus the confidentiality of our customers is unbroken.” – Rona